Mama is a traditional healer from the mountains of East Africa where she was chosen by the spirits to help people using the powers and guidance of the ancient spirits and (Grandparents). At the age of 8, she was taken by the spirits into the forests to master the herbs and power of the spirits which she now uses to help people all over the world. People come from all continents to meet Mama for help.

“I never went to school as she was busy learning the way of the spirits,” Mama says.

“I live with my two Grandchildren who help me at the temple to pick calls, set appointments, interpret the help I offer to the people who visit me from different countries since I face a problem with communication mainly speaking different languages with my Clients who come from abroad to see me and others who request me to visit them in their home countries especially those who need home, business and property cleansing and blessing. The cleansing process requires me to go there in person and carry out the ritual myself but due to the communication problem, I move with my Grandchildren to help me perform the rituals.

“The rituals may be in form of prayer, sacrifice, washing, drumming, dancing and shaking maracas (main sign of awakening the spirits).”

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Don't Be A Victim To Fake Spell Casters & Traditional Healers

The increasing number of spam spell casters and traditional healers has become a great source of worry for the spell seekers. Nowadays many people call themselves spell casters, but not everyone is a real spell caster! Everyday people get emails and spend hundreds and even thousands to fake spell casters on the internet. They have been falling prey to such spell casters because they catch hold of their clients’ weaknesses.

Most of the times these spell casters advertise their services through magic sites, newspapers or flyers.

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NO! 97% of online reviews about spell casters are fakes to hurt the competition and lure victims to other scam websites.

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So whom should one trust?

You don’t have to trust us, but we are honest, fair and try give you good advice and professional services. It is not complicated to spot a fake spell caster or a scam so you should be cautious. Our sole purpose is to bring light and justice because we provide real services to people.